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Brewer wasn’t pointing her finger at Obama, she was…..

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer spoke to the Arizona Republican Party during its 2012 Mandatory Meeting. The event took place on Saturday, January 28, 2012 in Phoenix. During her speech, she referred to President Barack Obama's visit to Arizona in which she was accused of pointing her finger at him:

Angry Rightwing Housewife talks to Megyn Kelly on FOX News


Angry Rightwing Housewife takes on the SEIU

And no, I wasn't bused in, given lunch, handed a sign or even got a color coded Tee-Shirt!


Chicken Schmit goes looking for Harry!

Chicken Schmit and the Angry Rightwing Housewife go looking for Harry Mitchell!


John McCain can't buy my VOTE for 20 million!


Angry Rightwing Housewife Sticks it to John McCain


How many different ways can the Angry Rightwing Housewife

say its time to retire John McCain?




John McCain Pig gets Spanked

John McCain campaign worker dresses up in a pig costume and tries to prank JD but the prank backfires!


This John McCain piggy went to JD’s press conference

This little John McCain piggy wanted pictures with JD

This little John McCain piggy got none

This John McCain piggy got spanked by a 5 year old ,

and  cried "wee, wee, wee"  All the way home.


anti-SB1070 protesters desecrate American Flag

During a pro SB1070 rally held at the State Capital on Saturday, July 31, a loud and boisterous group of pro-illegals came to protest SB 1070 - by laying an American Flag on the ground, covering it in graffiti, along with a swastika in a toilet seat.

While it has been ruled that burning or destroying an American flag is a covered First Amendment exercise, it is utterly distasteful and disgusting to see a group who are demanding of the American government to be given amnesty after entering the country illegally to treat the American flag with such disdain and shows a total lack of respect for America and our American values.


Who is Herman Cain?

July23-24 the radical leftwing Netroots Nation Convention was held in Las Vegas Nevada. While the crybabies from the progressive movement complained about not having enough Government control of our healthcare,  over a thousand freedom loving Tea Party activists and Patriots gathered at the same time across town at the third annual Rightonline convention. Among the speakers at the Rightonline convention were Hermain Cain, Micheal Bauchman, Judge Andrew Napolitano, and Senate candidate Sharon Angle.


Homeland Security and Angryrightwinghousewife stand off No on prop 100 Arizona Tea Party


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